Flex2000 provides the market with a new type of filler for the upholstery and comfort industry.

Especially produced for the manufacture of backrests and cushions of high comfort, much more stable, without deformation, they maintain the level of high comfort during the time of use.

Produced from quality foams, transformed into "CHIPS", which give a unique touch and exceptional performances.

Confortmix Plus (Visco Foam + Fiber)
With a unique blend of viscoelastic foam and fiber, this material reveals extraordinary comfort. The quality and properties of viscoelastic foam, cuted in "CHIPS", provides unique comfort properties. It is a new way of producing what comfort, which causes unique sensations. It is a material that recovers very well, with excellent ventilation, having ideal characteristics to be used in upholstery and sofas of the highest quality.

Confortmix Visco (Viscoelastic Foam)
This product is presented in "CHIPS" of visco elastic foam without mixtures. It is especially recommended for small pillows. It provides exceptional comfort, good ventilation and excellent recovery.
Due to the type of cut and the way it is presented, CONFORTMIX visco is an excellent comfort product, for example, for sleeping pillows.
It adapts to body shapes due to its thermo-sensitive characteristics. It is a unique product without comparison.

Confortmix Colours (Multicolor Foam)
It is a product that replaces the traditional crushed flake. It does not contain dust and foreign dirt, because it is produced by a unique system in Portugal.

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