Política da Qualidade, IDI, Ambiente e SST

Quality Policy,RDI,Environment and Safety and Health at work

A Quality Policy, Environment, Research, Development and Innovation, Prevention of major accidents involving dangerous substances, Safety and Health at Work of Flex2000, is based on the following principles:


Safety, Health and Environment are non-negotiable principles, inalienable and intrinsic factors of the everyday work in Flex2000.
The culture of safety, health and environment is understood and taken on its overall dimension:

1.      Physical security of the facilities; Health of the Employees; Visitors; Environmental Protection and Neighbouring Populations;

2.       Ensure the improvement of the working conditions of our employees and control of the manufacturing processes in order to ensure the best safety and health condition and the best condition of pollution prevention and the surrounding Environment;

3.      Flex2000 is committed to manage environmental risks, in order to eliminate or minimize negative impacts of its activities, both in normal situations, such as in an emergency, accident or catastrophe, and;

4.      Minimize waste production, and encourage the recovery of waste generated, ensuring that the rests are sent to right final destination;

5.      Safety, Health and Environment must be a priority of all who work at Flex2000. The training and Information in the area of Safety and Environment is strategic, for that a substantial part of the Training budget will be dedicated to these specific areas. Flex2000 Management is committed to provide all the means and necessary/appropriate structures to the implementation and maintenance of Management Systems;

6.      We are committed to ensure a continuous and sustained improvement of working conditions, prevention/control of occupational risks, environmental risks, the risks of Majour Accidents and of health surveillance of employees, ensuring the full compliance of all applicable Legislation and other requirements subscribed by the operator in terms of Safety, Health, Environment and Prevention of Major Accidents involving hazardous substances;

 7.       Ensure the implementation of Major-Accident Prevention policies through the compliance of all the regulations and the guidelines of ISOPA as an effective mean for the Prevention of Majour Accidents.

Flex2000 – Produtos Flexíveis S. A. carries out the monitoring and evaluation of the goals and programs of improvement established for safety management systems and environment, as well as its periodic review with the active participation of the Management.
The lack of respect for the Environment and safety practices is considered a serious offense. We note that the success of our policy depends on the commitment of each and every one of us. 

Create value for our Customers. Understand the needs of our customers by providing them with the best and innovative product, at the best price, thus ensuring the fulfillment of their expectations.

Seek to continuously improve the technical and human means enabling the continuity and growth of the company through innovation and development of processes and products.

Define the functions of all employees and establish clearly the hierarchical dependency relationships.
Promote vocational training.

Put at the disposal of all employees the means necessary for the proper performance of their duties.
Our Policy on Safety, Health, Environment, Research, Development and Innovation and Major Accidents will be periodically revised, complying with the normative references in force, to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the nature and scale of the risks of the organization.